Casa De Kao Photography has a rich experience in online photography. Good photography is indispensable if you sell your products online. The customer cannot touch, feel and try the product or garment. They can only see the photo's of the products. This makes good photography essential in your e-commerce business. Casa De Kao Photography captures your products with the glamour it deserves to make the visual experience as real as possible for the online customer.

You can deliver your products in our studio in Castenray, Noord-Limburg, The Netherlands or we can shoot on location if needed.


We've built a vast experience by working in several e-commerce studios, shooting for a large variety of retailers and wholesalers. This has helped us create the best approach to take care of our customers needs. We have a rich experience in categories like garments, shoes, handbag, jewelry, living accessories and so on. We can deliver high quality photography of any product within a short turn around time. 

Casa De Kao Photography provides complete solutions for professional e-commerce photography, from lookbook to pack shots for every e-commerce business. If you are setting up a new business or have an existing business and are on the lookout to upgrade your online visual communication, please feel free to chat with us. We not only provide high quality photographs, but we team up with you in your growth in the world of e-commerce.


For quota's and more information feel free to contact us.